The Main Types a Garage Door Service Provider Can Install for You

Garage Door Types

Angel Garage Doors is a reliable garage door service provider. We can handle anything, from a garage door repair service to installation. In this article, you will be able to read more about the main garage door types.

Single Panel Doors

This door type is constructed from a single monolithic panel. It swings up and overhead with the help of a hinge that is on each side of the door. Its main disadvantage is that you have to park your vehicle several feet in front of the door in order to avoid being hit by it when it opens. Single panel doors can also be folded back with a horizontal track and a roller. This model is more practical than the other version, which makes it a preferred choice.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are built of three to eight panels that slide up and overhead. They occupy the same space as a monolithic door; however, they have two distinctive advantages. First, they do not require any outside space to open, which allows you to park your vehicle very close to the garage door. Second, each of the panels has its own connection to the door track and that increases its robustness and reliability.Impeccable Garage Door Service in Redlands,CA

Roller Doors

Roller doors are built of corrugated steel and have originated from window and door coverings. They can also be made from fiberglass and other materials. Corrugations are responsible for the door’s protection from impacts. A simple single care roller door has a preloaded spring inside the rolling mechanism, which reduces the effort that is necessary to open the door. Larger doors for commercial use are not sprung and require a manual pulley and a chain system. They can also operate with a geared motor.

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